Going to chat with and photograph Claire Boockmeier this afternoon, the designer behind one of my favorite children’s clothing lines, Wolfechild.

    Keep an eye out for a little feature of her on the blog in the next week, and in the meantime, check out her work. 


  2. My windows are open today, and I’m letting the fresh Spring air clear out all the mental and physical cobwebs of this past Winter. 

    This Spring, Summer, and Fall, I want to get outside and explore with my friends, with my family, and with you! So let’s get creative, follow our curiosities, look up at the trees and wave back, dig in the dirt, and be apart of the world we live in. 

    Childhood is an open opportunity to be silly and spontaneous as we learn about life, and how beautiful is it to be able to see these moments tangibly in a photograph? 

    This blog post is inspired by the song below. Play it for your little ones in the living room while you dance around, or in the car with the windows rolled down as you cruise…Happy Spring!

    Go outside by Cults

  3. Jenny and her Pencil Plant : GIF

    2014 (There’s Something About Women + Plants : Series Ongoing)

  4. Jenny and her Pencil Plant

    2014 (There’s Something About Women + Plants: Series Ongoing)

  5. Aqua is my first friend I’ve been gifted with watching become a mother, and although yesterday was the first time I’d seen her with her daughter Azula in person, the photos she shares on Facebook and Instagram, make it easy to feel as though I’ve been there every step of the way.

    She’s every bit and more of the mother I knew she would be.
    To watch her nurture little Azula in all the ways a mother can; feeding, encouraging, letting her be brave with a strong hand at her back… words can not express how proud and in awe of her I felt.

    She was Aqua, but in these moments, she shared with Azula, and in turn with me, the luminous threads that weave the fabric of her innate character. If that sounds intense or “deep”, it’s only because the experience of watching someone become a mother, for me, is.

    It’s humbling, and inspiring, and to myself, makes everything in life at once make sense and completely misunderstood. But these moments of enlightenment and misunderstanding keep me inspired and curious in the world around me, and I am grateful for the experiences that allow me this.

    To Aqua and Azula,
    May the colors of the ocean ever unite you.
    May your spirits be kindred endlessly by the understanding of the tide.
    Life is but a cycle to be ridden.


  6. there’s something about women and plants #pencilplant

  7. ✌️California (at Hotel del Sol)

  8. Love shrub 💌 (at City of Santa Barbara)

  9. at La Chambre Photographique

  10. California kids know how to hang #santabarbara #beachkids (at East Beach)

  11. Virtual hugs to keep you warm today! ⛄️❄️

  12. Lately, I have been watching A LOT of Carl Sagan and Steven Hawkings documentaries about the Universe, and when it comes to love, the evidence of its existence, for me, has been there from the beginning. Perhaps not in the way we would think of it now, but in the beginning, when the universe began to form, there was something that married those elements, drew them close…they couldn’t resist. They collided and swirled together without knowing the outcome of their union.

    Children have a remarkable ability to love without judgement and without the knowledge and care of what will become of it. To them, it is apart of them from the moment they enter the world and let out that first cry. In the ebb and flow, the ever transforming, and the uncertainity we sometimes feel in the face of love, they are most certainly a constant and stable force to be inspired by.

    I am always taken by the way parents encourage their children to open up and be themselves completely for a session. In a world where we are always on our toes, and often guarded by the intentions of others, sessions are an exception to be vulnerable, to show and share our love, and be open to what can be created when we do so.

    Sending you love today and everyday,

    Photos taken during a recent Valentines Day Photo Booth by Eva Deitch Photography

  13. Jenny (Women + Plants Series)

    Garfield Park Conservatory


  14. Max and a “Flouw Flouw”

  15. Rope door stopper and Rose Potpourri